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Welcome to PSSENL Positions Available

With years of R&D experience in the development of clean, efficient, and sustainable power-systems solutions, Power System & Smart Energy Network Lab (PSSENL) has made advances in modeling, simulation, design, and development of cutting-edge solutions in power systems and smart-grid. our team is highly skilled in areas spanning system optimization, battery storage technology, energy network, energy management and electric vehicles. Our proficiency in power system puts our team in a position to deliver key technologies for smart grid via distributed energy resources (DERs) for an efficient and secure energy network. The Laboratory welcomes both students (i.e. Masters and Ph.D.) and seasoned researchers for both studies and collaborative research in the area of power system.

Who We Are

We are a group of researchers and engineers that seeks to develop the key technologies for the smart grid utilizing the distributed energy resources (DERs). Our mission is to maximize the returns and productivity of ventures by providing quality, robust and timely techniques for solving problems in power systems.

What We Do

Smart Energy Network Lab aims to develop the key technologies for smart grid utilizing the distributed energy resources (DERs). Battery energy storage system and information technology are deployed to achieve the efficient and secure operation of the energy network. Our current interest includes operation logic of the energy management systems, controlled aggregation of the DERs, and the reliable operation of the electrical grid using the DERs. The lab students are disciplined to be skilled not only with the power system but also with the smart grid technologies such as S/W engineering, modeling, and optimization techniques.


Kodaira Daisuke

Phd 2020

CURRENTLY Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Science(도쿄이과대학교 조교수)

Park Jung Ju (박정주)

MSc. 2020

CURRENTLY an SK Innovation Researcher(SK 이노베이션 연구원)

Jeong Ju Yeon (정주연)

Msc. 2020

CURRENTLY at LG Chem Research Institute(LG 화학 연구원)

Jeong Joong Ho(정중호)

MSc. 2019

CURRENTLY a Researcher at Gridzwiz(그리드위즈 연구원)

Yu Byung Gu(유병구)

Msc. 2019

CURRENTLY at Korean Power Cell Research Institute(한국파워셀 연구원)

Seung Hyeon Park (박승현)

Msc. 2019

CURRENTLY at Hyundai electric (현대일렉트릭)

Moses Amoasi Acquah

PhD 2018

CURRENTLY: Assistant Professor at Kemyung University(계명대학교 조교수)

Hyeon Deok Jo (조현덕)

Msc. 2021

CURRENTLY at Lg chem.(엘지화학)

Jeong Hyeon Choi (최정현)

Msc. 2018

CURRENTLY at Lg chem.(엘지화학)

Yeong Ik Son (손영익)

Msc. 2017

CURRENTLY at 한국건물에너지기술원 Korea Institute of Building Energy Technology